Celia Hollander is a Los Angeles based artist and composer working with audio, scores, performance, installation and text. Her work critically engages ways that audio and the act of listening can shape temporal perception, generate narratives, question cultural infrastructures and cultivate social connection.



Selected Press:


Modern Composition LA: Celia Hollander
Taking Snapshots of Time with Celia Hollander: Objects and Sounds
AQNB: Celia Hollander explores the magic of the mundane in the tapping rhythm & eerie household dread of ‘Santa Ana Wind Burn’
Bandcamp Daily: As $3.33, Celia Hollander Creates Art Without a Concept of Time
Tiny Mix Tapes: Virtual gallery EBM(T) opens new exhibition, Merge Lane, by Celia Hollander a.k.a. $3.33
Vice: Avant-Pop Mastermind $3.33 Released a Dazzling 30:33-Minute Long Composition
Cassette Gods: $3.33 “Just a Dip, No Why”