Song For 6 Nostrils

Song for 6 Nostrils is a score for 3 nose shaped ocarinas made by the artist Nova Jiang as part of the project Smog Orchestra at the LA Cleantech Incubator, June 12th 2019.

Program Notes:

Song for 6 Nostrils is an instructional score for three nose shaped ocarinas inspired by the relation between nose and ear, scent and sound. The score is an expression of processing airborne stimuli, whether it’s a pressure wave or a cloud of odorous molecules, into information with associative memories before it diffuses and fades.

I. CATALYST (independently)
Spray a spritz in all directions until fully immersed in a cloud of scent. (If using amplification, amplify the sounds of the spray bottles.)

Inhale fully and deeply and exhale holding one note, alternating notes. Do this in unison 6 times, for as full of a breath as can be collectively mustered.

III. INFORMATION (independent)
For 6 full breaths, play a ‘nostril trill,’ using any notes. Aim for a trill as fast as possible. Start and stop each breath individually, overlapping indeterminately with the others.

The first person who has finished part III first will then come up with a phrase, which they will repeat. As each player finishes the trills, they will join in. Once everyone is playing the same phrase in unison, they will repeat it together 6 times.

V. DIFFUSION (independent)
Take the notes of the phrase and play them shorter and further apart from each other, not in unison, for 6 rounds. For each round, gradually increase the durations between each note and decrease the velocity and volume of each note, until it is a sparse and quiet constellation.